Hi, my name is

Rokas Anisas

About me

Graphic design, programming, music, these are the things I enjoy doing and keep trying to combine. Thankfully, with these skills it is possible to survive in todays society. In short, I create digital art for money and for my own entertainment.

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Soon after the collapse of USSR, just in time for a fresh start in independent Lithuania ( where I was born and raised ).

Music school

I had enough fun playing at home with legos, and dissasembling cheap electronic toys with screwdrivers, but mother decided I needed to learn how to play the keyboard. Soon after, there I was. I liked it, now music production is one of my activities.

First lines of code

I was fascinated by computers as soon as I saw one at my friends house. I received my first computer at the age of 14. However, that did not stop me to start coding few years before that, on a monochrome wap enabled siemens c55 cell-phone. Needless to say, typing html on T9 keyboard took some patience.

Movie maker

Through a friend, I was invited to join an independent youth organisation called "Jauna IdÄ—ja" where people create short films. Quickly I became one of the main camera operators and short film producer. By producer I mean, using Premiere Pro at the time, to sequence clips, and add fancy transitions. This activity lasted for a few years.

First steps in Graphic design

My 14 birthday, and my first desktop computer. I remember I was waiting for it for so long, so you bet I had heckload of things I had lined up to do with it. One of the first things was to get a graphics editor and change the logo on my wapsite that was made on a cellphone. Thus began my learning and interest in graphic design.

Audio Engineering degree in Bristol

End of school came to close, I had already made quite a few websites for local companies, and I was also playing well in a cover band, we had concerts lined up almost every week. With the latter activity occupying more of my life at the time, it seemed a no-brained to study audio and music technology, and learn how to make high quality recordings.

Graduation, confrontation with the real world

Another chapter was finished, I received a bachelor's degree. However during studies, people change, so did I, therefore I did not look to work straight off in a recording studio as a runner. I came back to Lithuania, and as soon as I got back, I was aproached by a friend to assist on a website he was building for a client. And it kicked-off. Now I am combining my expertise and interest in graphic design, web development, music production. I create digital art for money and for myself, and I enjoy doing it.

Back to uni

Got my first job as a creative employee at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in the International Relations office as an in house graphic designer. Most tasks included designing leflets, brochures to print. Also generating creative ideas to display work of the University by creating custom apps.

Coding with peers

First workplace at a mid size software development company. First experiences of what AGILE SCRUM is eaten with. Also other disciplines such as extensive code reviews, knowledge sharing, much more complex codebases.


Graphic design
Music production
Adobe Xd
After Effects
Vue.js 2
Ableton Live
Music theory